Taking Charge of Your Consciousness

12pm Eastern Time on Zoom
8 Fridays from July 9th-August 27th, 2021

We live in times of great change, and my reading of events leads me to believe that the pace of change will accelerate during the coming years before a new equilibrium is reached. This could take years. This workshop will give you tools to manage your consciousness and your emotions so you can face life from a platform of stability.

These workshops will be held on Zoom at 12 Noon Eastern Time on 8 Fridays during July and August, 2021, beginning July 9th . The cost for 8 sessions is $150, and the price includes a copy of my book, Navigating by Heart, Tools to Defuse Negativity and Connect to Inner Guidance.

Please email me to register. I will record the sessions so if you miss one, I can send it to you.

  1. Mobility of Consciousness – Doing the Body Scan; moving your awareness
    out of your head into your body.
  2. Meditating through the Heart
  3. Voluntary Intuition – Learning to feel energies.
  4. Taking Charge of your Consciousness
    1. The power of acknowledgement
    2. Developing Self-awareness
    3. Reviewing your day – The night review
    4. You are a school bus – Talking to parts of your consciousness
  5. Clearing negative emotions and the consciousnesses of other people
  6. Praying
  7. Maintaining your boundaries
  8. Integrating Returning Parts of your consciousness.