Dance of Hands


Dance of the Hands is for everyone, not just people who are spiritually advanced. It is for any layperson, regardless of religion. This material is for those who have an interest in bettering themselves or improving their well-being — practitioners, teachers, masters, the spiritually advanced, neophytes, and children. The purpose of these mudras [...]

Partner with Angels


Angels are the Creator’s workforce, and in this book, individual angels describe their responsibilities and explain how they can help you with all aspects of your life — practical and spiritual. All you need to do is ask. Many of these angels have never spoken to human beings before or revealed their names [...]

Navigating by Heart, Second Edition: Tools to Defuse Negativity and Connect to Inner Guidance


This book is a guide to accessing inner faculties of consciousness and a book of tools for opening your heart so you can connect to the intuitive guidance that is available to all of us. $15 plus shipping. This book addresses: Tools to open your heart center to the love and guidance of [...]

DNA of the Spirit: A Practical Guide to Reconnecting With Your Divine Blueprint – Volume 1 & 2


Now is the time for ancient truths and practices to be disseminated. This book reveals practices to activate your dormant, etheric strands of DNA. It is a do-it-yourself manual of practices, information, and wisdom to guide you on your own path of fulfilling the destiny and blueprint you designed for yourself in this [...]

Twenty-Five Years with Jesus


Twenty-Five Years with Jesus is breathtaking journey of spiritual self-discovery: Secrets finally out in the open; Mysteries revealed at last. Where do you find your own personal blueprint for life? Robert Mason Pollock found it by: Investigating remote corners of the world Examining radically differing belief systems Joining counter-culture communities Exploring straight and [...]

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