I am certified as a Past Life Regression Therapist by Brian and Carole Weiss. Sessions are 1½ hours.

Past life regression is a state of deep relaxation in which the client allows subconscious memories to surface and be processed. The subconscious remembers everything – all experiences in this life and others. These memories come forward when you are deeply relaxed and allow the conscious mind to take a break. This also happens when you are sleeping. Past life regression is different from stage hypnosis, where subjects come under the control and subsume their will to a hypnotist.

When you set an intension for the session, your subconscious will bring forward the appropriate memories in accord with your intension. You always know who you are in this personality, in this lifetime. But you also experience the impressions and memories your subconscious brings forward to process. You are very relaxed as you observe the situations, decisions, and emotional states that set up the issues you are now trying to resolve.

With regression therapy, you can observe yourself with detachment and present-day understanding as you reacted to formative situations in your past. And you can balance your old emotions and attitudes when regressed. You can forgive yourself for your past reactions and resolve the karma, and that helps you resolve present-day issues by understanding what happened in the past, bringing your present-day understanding to old situations, and balancing the energy of those situations. After all, karma is just an imbalance of energy, and regression is another means of balancing karmic energies.