Will This Help Me If I’m Seriously Ill?

That depends on what you mean by “help”. Most energy healers, including me, believe that the underlying cause of most illnesses lies in energy blocks – or in the emotional and attitudinal states that have been present on a long-term basis. It’s much easier to deal with these blocks before they’ve migrated into tissue and [...]

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Is This Work Like Therapy?

I’m often asked how my work relates to traditional psychotherapy, and my answer is that both approaches are complementary. Talk therapy is a mentally based process that aims to give you a better understanding of your processes – how you developed into the person you have become. But at the end of the day, your [...]

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Is This Work “Spiritual”?

Yes it is. I feel that any procedure that involves connection to Higher Energy is spiritual. Some clients approach their progress through life as “personal growth” and others see it as “spiritual growth”. I respect your belief system, and I know that this work is effective, regardless of how you approach it, or your intent. [...]

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How Long Do These Changes Last?

That depends on you. Many clients report complete transformations with the issues that were addressed during their sessions. Others partially fall back into their old patterns. I will coach you and give you tools to help you master the issues you face, and since Higher Energy has lifted you in consciousness during the session, it’s [...]

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How Will I Feel Afterward?

Immediately, my clients say they feel lighter, less burdened, and very relaxed. Many people feel the tingling of Higher Energy that lasts for several hours afterward. Remember, you’ll be shedding baggage that you’ve been carrying around for many years!

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Do You Touch Me?

No, there is no contact with your physical body. I work on the energy field that extends 2 to 4 feet around you with pendulums made of amethyst and quartz. These are tools that help me augment your energy flows, diffuse negative energies, and diagnose your energy patterns.

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How Does This Work?

Energy blocks are diffused by connecting you with Higher Energy. Most energy healers refer to Higher Energy as the Universal Energy Field. Mystics call it the Light. I hold this energy for you in the session, and read the patterns in your energy field by attuning to them and feeling them. If a block is [...]

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