What Happens During A Session?

First we talk for a few minutes, and I’ll answer your questions. Then you lie on a massage table, on your back, eyes open or closed (your choice). I work on your energy field with pendulums. They rotate clockwise while they are working to remove discordant energies. When I detect an energy block, we’ll discuss [...]

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How Many Issues Will be Dealt With?

That really depends on your makeup as an individual. I have always said that I read the scripts, I don’t write them. I am a facilitator, and a technician, not the overseer. Your issues will be dealt with, but perhaps not in the order you may have chosen. I have never participated in a session [...]

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How Much Does a Session Cost?

In New York, Boston, and anywhere away from the Berkshires, sessions are $150. In the Berkshires, I charge $100 for an initial session and $75 for subsequent sessions. Payment everywhere is with cash or check. Distance sessions are $100. I offer discounts for multiple sessions paid for in advance. I have a sliding fee scale, [...]

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How Often Should I See You?

That also depends on your intentions, and how much effort you make between sessions. At one time, I advised that every 3 or 4 months was a decent interval, but the Higher Energy is increasing in intensity and frequency at such a pace now that the support is there for rapid growth for those with [...]

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How Many Sessions Do I Need?

That depends on your intentions. If you want help with some issues you are facing, 1 or 2 sessions are often sufficient. If you want to connect with the deeper resources of your soul, (those that lie beyond the personality you formed in this lifetime), then let’s talk about setting up an on-going program.

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