How Does This Work?2017-12-07T13:47:53-05:00

Energy blocks are diffused by connecting you with Higher Energy. Most energy healers refer to Higher Energy as the Universal Energy Field. Mystics call it the Light. I hold this energy for you in the session, and read the patterns in your energy field by attuning to them and feeling them. If a block is apparent, and you’d like it to be diffused, I prompt you to say (out loud), “I forgive myself for ___.” This is an acknowledgment to Higher Energy that this is an issue with you and that you’d like to be helped to be free of it. Higher Energy respects your Free Will and requires your permission to help you. At this point, the block starts to be diffused, and it usually takes several minutes for this to happen.

Do You Touch Me?2017-12-07T13:50:37-05:00

No, there is no contact with your physical body. I work on the energy field that extends 2 to 4 feet around you with pendulums made of amethyst and quartz. These are tools that help me augment your energy flows, diffuse negative energies, and diagnose your energy patterns.

How Will I Feel Afterward?2017-12-07T13:51:40-05:00

Immediately, my clients say they feel lighter, less burdened, and very relaxed. Many people feel the tingling of Higher Energy that lasts for several hours afterward. Remember, you’ll be shedding baggage that you’ve been carrying around for many years!

How Long Do These Changes Last?2017-12-07T13:52:45-05:00

That depends on you. Many clients report complete transformations with the issues that were addressed during their sessions. Others partially fall back into their old patterns. I will coach you and give you tools to help you master the issues you face, and since Higher Energy has lifted you in consciousness during the session, it’s much easier to face these issues with more strength.

Is This Work “Spiritual”?2017-12-07T13:53:21-05:00

Yes it is. I feel that any procedure that involves connection to Higher Energy is spiritual. Some clients approach their progress through life as “personal growth” and others see it as “spiritual growth”. I respect your belief system, and I know that this work is effective, regardless of how you approach it, or your intent. Some of my more advanced clients are using this work to gain access to the deeper resources of their consciousnesses, resources that lie beyond their current personalities.

Is This Work Like Therapy?2017-12-07T13:54:00-05:00

I’m often asked how my work relates to traditional psychotherapy, and my answer is that both approaches are complementary. Talk therapy is a mentally based process that aims to give you a better understanding of your processes – how you developed into the person you have become. But at the end of the day, your energy blocks are still intact. My work diffuses the energy blocks, and yet if a client is particularly troubled, the understanding that therapy provides is very helpful to minimize resumption of old patterns. A number of therapists refer their clients to me.

What If I’m Pregnant?2017-12-07T13:54:31-05:00

That’s fine. Let’s welcome the soul of your new child to Earth with Higher Energy.

Will This Help Me If I’m Seriously Ill?2017-12-07T13:55:08-05:00

That depends on what you mean by “help”. Most energy healers, including me, believe that the underlying cause of most illnesses lies in energy blocks – or in the emotional and attitudinal states that have been present on a long-term basis. It’s much easier to deal with these blocks before they’ve migrated into tissue and organ systems. You’ll definitely feel better after a session, but whether or not you’ll be “cured” depends on many things, including how committed you are to “owning” your illness, and taking steps to undo the negative patterns that created it. I’d like to help you with this as much as I can.

What If My Condition Is Contagious?2017-12-07T13:55:44-05:00

I can see you after your contagious period is over, but not during it. That goes for colds, too.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?2017-12-07T13:56:17-05:00

That depends on your intentions. If you want help with some issues you are facing, 1 or 2 sessions are often sufficient. If you want to connect with the deeper resources of your soul, (those that lie beyond the personality you formed in this lifetime), then let’s talk about setting up an on-going program.

How Often Should I See You?2017-12-07T13:56:58-05:00

That also depends on your intentions, and how much effort you make between sessions. At one time, I advised that every 3 or 4 months was a decent interval, but the Higher Energy is increasing in intensity and frequency at such a pace now that the support is there for rapid growth for those with the motivation.

What is the Likelihood That I Will Become Destabilized By This Work?2017-12-07T13:57:36-05:00

I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years, and I’ve never seen anyone become destabilized by this work. It’s important to remember that the Higher Energy, or the Light, has great wisdom, and really knows us better than we know ourselves. It knows how to help us in a way that is measured to our own capacities and intentions.

How Long is a Session?2017-12-07T13:58:14-05:00

My sessions take about an hour. First sessions can take a little longer, to allow time to answer questions and explain procedures.

How Much Does a Session Cost?2017-12-07T13:58:55-05:00

In New York, Boston, and anywhere away from the Berkshires, sessions are $150. In the Berkshires, I charge $100 for an initial session and $75 for subsequent sessions. Payment everywhere is with cash or check. Distance sessions are $100. I offer discounts for multiple sessions paid for in advance. I have a sliding fee scale, so if these fees are an issue, let’s discuss them.

How Can I Prepare for a Session?2017-12-07T14:00:00-05:00

Come in a relaxed state, ready to receive. It’s best to refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, and sex for 24 hours before and after a session. Wear comfortable clothing.

Is This Work Religious?2017-12-07T14:00:30-05:00

No, it’s spiritually based. It has no connection with any denomination, and yet it is compatible with all religious beliefs and creeds. It’s Universal.

How Many Issues Will be Dealt With?2017-12-07T14:01:36-05:00

That really depends on your makeup as an individual. I have always said that I read the scripts, I don’t write them. I am a facilitator, and a technician, not the overseer. Your issues will be dealt with, but perhaps not in the order you may have chosen. I have never participated in a session where there were loose ends or unfinished business not attended to.

What Happens During A Session?2017-12-07T14:02:24-05:00

First we talk for a few minutes, and I’ll answer your questions. Then you lie on a massage table, on your back, eyes open or closed (your choice). I work on your energy field with pendulums. They rotate clockwise while they are working to remove discordant energies. When I detect an energy block, we’ll discuss it, and after you’ve acknowledged it (“I forgive myself”), it will be removed. We can talk during a session, but I generally discourage “story telling”, for it’s hard for you to experience what is happening during a session if you’re telling a story. In general, it’s usually only necessary to identify an issue, and it’s not necessary for me to have the whole history.

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