Omran 12-Strand DNA Activation

This ceremony is an initiation into the deeper interdimensional (or quantum) aspects of your consciousness. Its purpose is to open you to experiencing your core essence, to help you become balanced and whole again so you can experience the Creator with joy in your heart.

I am a practitioner of Omran 12-Strand DNA Activation certified by the Omran Institute in Tokyo. Omran is an Aramaic name for Gate Opener.

Your DNA contains a record of all you are. The double-helix, two strands of physical DNA, determines the characteristics of your physical body. The other 10 strands of etheric DNA contain the entire history of your soul, your spiritual essence, and the truth of who you really are.

If there is a place where your Higher Self or Spirit resides, it is in the etheric strands of your DNA. The whole story of you is there; it is your Akashic record. All the gifts, talents, and abilities you ever achieved are there. The energy of all the actions you ever took and all the choices you ever made reside in your DNA. The spiritual history of the human race, and your essence as part of the human journey, is imprinted in your DNA. It carries your spiritual blueprint, and all the spiritual journeys you ever took in all your lifetimes.

You have the ability within your consciousness to talk to your DNA, to engage it, to control it, to work with it, and become part of it.  When you give instructions to your DNA and it starts to respond, you will awaken to your multidimensionality, which is your true essence.  A quantum consciousness creates a different system of understanding. When you activate your DNA, you also have the capacity to extend your life span, and the ability to understand and read your Akashic record.  DNA activation means increasing the information in your DNA. This can help you begin the process of returning to a multidimensional state of consciousness.  A person with quantum consciousness is ONE with everything.

The 12 layers of your DNA are:

  1. The Tree of Life
  2. The Blueprint of Life
  3. The Present Consciousness Awakening
  4. The Belief Layer
  5. The Awakening Self
  6. The I Am That I Am Layer (this is the most sacred and divine layer)
  7. The Balance Layer
  8. The Truth Layer
  9. Opening the Blind Eye (or Seeing without Illusion)
  10. Remembrance
  11. Realization
  12. God (or the Creator)

The etheric strands of DNA stay dormant unless they are commanded to open. This initiation ceremony is a gift from the Creator. The dormant non-physical strands of DNA are commanded to awaken. This is a sacred ceremony that honors the divinity within you, and opens the way for you to experience it.

This work is not for everyone. To be effective, ask yourself if you are ready to receive at the highest level, and use what you are given for the highest good. To be most effective, you need some spiritual understanding. The spiritual path you have followed does not matter. Have you worked on yourself, sought to improve your spiritual life to raise your vibration? Come seeking to know more of the Creator within you, with both your mind and your heart. Then you will receive the highest benefit. Your DNA is an instruction manual that reflects your intentions. If your intentions have not focused on your spirituality, you probably won’t feel too much from this work.

This initiation ceremony takes about an hour. You will lie on a treatment table with your eyes closed. I will stand over you and activate 12 trigger points on your body by touching them. I will chant special tones to energize the activation of these trigger points. Then you will sit or lie in a meditative state for about 30 minutes with special harmonics playing in the background.

After your session, it is best to take it easy and do very little for as long as possible. Do not drive for several hours. Consume no alcohol, recreational drugs, or meat (any flesh) for 48 hours. It might be best to have someone accompany you home. Or if you are having this service in my home, you may have a room for several hours until you are ready to leave. It is best to allow 2½ or 3 hours in total.

You will become increasingly aware of the effects of this work over time. What can you look for during the next one to six months? There are many possibilities. One of the first things many people feel is a feeling of well-being. They have more confidence. They feel connected, with a sense of belonging, of not being alone. Some may have healings. Karmic energy can be dispersed. Perceptions and values can change. Some have a sense that they are somebody, that they belong to the Universe. Some have more confidence and trust.

If you are interested in knowing more about 12-Strand DNA, and practices you can do to maintain and deepen the work of your activation session, I suggest to read both volumes of DNA of the Spirit: A Practical Guide to Reconnecting with Your Divine Blueprint. This material was channeled by Rae Chandran and edited and organized by me.