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twenty five years book cover revised

Twenty-Five Years with Jesus is breathtaking journey of spiritual self-discovery: Secrets finally out in the open; Mysteries revealed at last.

Where do you find your own personal blueprint for life? Robert Mason Pollock found it by:

  • Investigating remote corners of the world
  • Examining radically differing belief systems
  • Joining counter-culture communities
  • Exploring straight and gay worlds
  • Becoming a devoted student and disciple
  • Experiencing painful loss and resentment
  • Finding forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Accepting his role as a Teacher
  • Moving from Piscean to Aquarian Age spirituality
  • Choosing self-empowerment

This book explores the karmic nature of groups (like the followers of Jesus). Rae Chandran channels Robert’s Mystery School teacher posthumously, and Master Jesus reveals the startling fact that he geared his teachings to reach to an audience of farmers and fishermen!

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