Project Description

navigating by heart v2 front cover

This book is a guide to accessing inner faculties of consciousness and a book of tools for opening your heart so you can connect to the intuitive guidance that is available to all of us. $15 plus shipping.

This book addresses:

  • Tools to open your heart center to the love and guidance of your Higher Self.
  • Methods of releasing negative energies from your consciousness so you can stay in tune with your positive self.
  • Tools to help you connect with the Light.
  • Explanations of how consciousness works in accord with Universal Laws, and how you can make these Laws work for you.
  • How to integrate the Masculine and Feminine aspects of your consciousness.
  • How you can help your Heart and Mind to work together.
  • How to enter the world of feeling and sensing consciousness and energies, giving you deeper understanding of the how’s and why’s of life.
  • How to pray from your spiritual self, rather than from your mind.
  • Techniques to find answers to life’s questions from within.
  • The nature and sources of positive and negative energy.
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