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dna of the spirit vol 2

Now is the time for ancient truths and practices to be disseminated. This book reveals practices to activate your dormant, etheric strands of DNA. It is a do-it-yourself manual of practices, information, and wisdom to guide you on your own path of fulfilling the destiny and blueprint you designed for yourself in this lifetime – healing others, regenerating your physical body, raising your consciousness, connecting with your soul, or ascension.

The etheric strands of your DNA are the information library of your soul. They contain the complete history of you, lifetime after lifetime, a record of the attitudes, karma, and emotional predispositions you brought into this lifetime, and a blueprint (or lesson plan) for your self-improvement. Your DNA is also a record of your existence from the moment of your creation to your present incarnation. This information is written in every cell of your body.

This is a book about practices you can do and energetic connections you can make to raise your consciousness and activate additional strands of your DNA. These practices can give you further spiritual empowerment, heightened awareness, and deeper connections to the Creator and beings who work from the inner planes to support you, and the rest of humanity.

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